Welcome to Ubergirls Escort Amsterdam website! We are Amsterdam’s finest legally licensed escort service offering the best service and quality an Amsterdam escort agency can offer…. Let us fulfill your dream and desires while providing the most erotic experience you can imagine. Our Amsterdam escort girls are all attractive and attentive, each offering adult services that will leave you wanting nothing more. From the cute, girl next door type to the best porn star experience, each girl takes pleasure on being the ultimate escort. We only have professional and attentive escorts who want nothing more than to satisfy and please you. The escort girls in Amsterdam, represented in our escort agency, are available for outcall dating and are happy to meet anywhere in the area of Amsterdam known as the city of sin.


There’s always something more to discover in Amsterdam! Many visitors to Amsterdam come for the picturesque canals, cool coffee shops, and the escorted nightlife made possible by the city’s escorts for both locals and tourists. You may be aware that Amsterdam has a greater number of canals than Venice. However, how much do you know about Amsterdam’s escort industry? Escort service in Amsterdam is something you may be curious about, and you’ve come to the correct spot because we’ve got all the answers you’ve been looking for. Just so you know, our website only features the most desirable escorts in Amsterdam. They’re sexier, friendlier, and better at what they do. 

If you’re in Amsterdam or planning a trip there, don’t limit yourself to just working, strolling along the canals, and stopping for coffee. The escort service Amsterdam, on the other hand, is what makes Amsterdam renowned. If you’re looking for the finest escort in Amsterdam, go no farther than here with us. And once you’ve had the chance to experience an Amsterdam escort, we’ll be your ‘one and only choice for fun in Amsterdam! 


Escorts of various ages and levels of experience make up the majority of our Amsterdam escort fleet. However, even though most of our escorts do it as a pastime, they take great pleasure in providing their clients with the sexiest and most sensual encounters possible. 

How and why do they do it so well? We don’t believe in making empty promises, so allow us to explain why our escort service in Amsterdam is superior to the competition. To begin, all of the escorts in Amsterdam who have registered with us have been there and done it before; and we ask for feedback from our clients so that we can continue to offer you the greatest user experience possible. We speak to our models about the feedback we’ve received from customers, and we make sure they have a good time with their partners at all times. This is how we function and how our platform thrives in the competition, which sounds very business and formal. No matter what you name yourself, you should behave like an Amsterdam escort! That’s our motto! 

And last but not least, our female models are stunning! Face it, no matter how polite and well-behaved your personal escort from Amsterdam maybe, if she isn’t visually appealing and sexually appealing, it will seem like a waste of your hard-earned cash. We’re well aware of this, which is why we only work with stunningly beautiful and seductive models. Why not choose the most attractive model if you’re going to spend money on an escort service in Amsterdam? 


Here at Ubergirls Escorts, we operate on a 24 hour basis meaning you can hire escorts when best suits you. All our ladies are located in Amsterdam and offer outcall services to hotels and private residences. The escorts in Amsterdam listed on our site provide a unique service that keeps our customers coming back. Our escort service in Amsterdam is more appealing and enticing since we keep things simple and safe. 

In the first place, the majority of our models have previous experience, so they know what works and what doesn’t. As a result, they have an advantage over the inexperienced rookie escorts in Amsterdam. That’s good for our customers, who don’t have time to spend on models who aren’t sure of themselves, much alone who their customers are! This simply implies that they have put in the effort to become proficient in a variety of tactics and approaches for enhancing the well-being of their customers. 

Second, every Amsterdam escort service is familiar with the preferences of its customers. It is their job to know when and how to accommodate your wishes. They learn something new every time they work with a new customer. A less-experienced model, on the other hand, just performs what she has been told is good. Learning to read the other person’s thoughts takes practice, and our models are no exception. In the end, you had a wonderful time together. 

Finally, our models are aware that you’ve come to us to unwind. The tension you experience as a result of your busy job schedule and the duties of family members. As a result, they go to great lengths to provide the impression that there are no obligations. There’s no tension when there’s sex involved, and our Amsterdam escorts make sure you have enough of that. 

You may see more of our gorgeous models by scrolling up and looking through the gallery. We can see that you are eager to meet one of our attractive women. Hopefully, you’ll be able to meet the women you’ve always wanted to date very quickly.  

If you find a lady you would like to meet, creating a booking is simple. The minimum booking is 1 hour long and costs as little as 160 Euros. Our girls will travel 20 0Km outside of Amsterdam to meet you for a time you will never forget. 


Every day, everyone deserves to be loved. And if you’re in Amsterdam, you won’t have any trouble finding attractive women who want to spend time with you. Our definition of beauty excludes the cutesy-looking females at the workplace or club. Valentine’s day is a day when you always want to do something special with someone special, therefore your valentine has to be unique. 

What distinguishes our Amsterdam escort service from others? Our stunning escorts Amsterdam models have the power to transform every day into a special occasion. What is their secret? Try to imagine the most romantic Valentine’s Day you’ve ever had. It all began gently when you first met your lover when you exchanged words of love. As the day progressed, your heartbeat rose, and the actions became more personal until it all exploded on the bed. Who better than our Amsterdam escorts to reminisce about your greatest Valentine’s Day ever? 

Our model will begin by getting to know you in order to make this all come to fruition. Tell her whatever you want. Having the greatest experience is difficult when you’re hesitant to reveal your deepest wishes. It’s okay if you’re not sure how things should proceed; just tell her. As you increase your consumption, she’ll be able to read your thoughts. 

In order to ease you into the act, the beautiful escort in Amsterdam will start it off gently. Again, take it easy in the beginning for the greatest results. To enjoy the whole Valentine’s Day experience, you must take your time when you first see her and be patient when you fall in love with her. After all, you’ve got her all to yourself, and she’s yours for the taking. The better a story is, the longer it takes to get to the conclusion. Other escort services in Amsterdam won’t bother to mention it, so take advantage of it while you can. The reason for this is because the majority of escorts are just interested in getting rid of you as quickly as possible. Even a roadside quickie is out of the question when things go south like this. 


Finding someone with whom we can discuss and test out all of our dreams takes a lifetime in our regular lives. When was the last time you had a sexual experience when you felt like the’master’? If you haven’t gone to a BDSM show in a while, here is your opportunity to relive the thrill of domination or submission in its most raw and natural state. 

Your companion will not move until you give the command in our escort Amsterdam service. Your assumptions shape her behaviour. Your beliefs shape her behaviours. Creating a scenario and letting your doll perform in it are two different things. There is a chance that this may seem too wonderful to be true, but this is how dominance should be practised. What about the other half of this pleasure universe? This is just half of it; domination. Yes, submission is on the agenda. 

Finally, the switch, in which you alternate between submission and domination throughout several sex sessions, is the third kind of act in BDSM. Our Amsterdam escorts will, without a doubt, be your perfect companions as you embark on the BDSM journey of a lifetime. 

In order to do any BDSM act you must be cautious, particularly if you are new to bondage and submitting. In this situation, our escorts in Amsterdam are the best option. Since no escort is a virgin, they are familiar with a few sex acts and gestures, but most escorts are motivated by money. Our escorts, on the other hand, are concerned only with the “experience” and go the extra mile for virgin seeking their first sexual experience. Our models maintain constant contact with their customers, even while satisfying their fetishes and kinks, to ensure that no client feels uncomfortable at any time. Excess of everything is terrible, but when you have the perfect person by your side, we allow you to push the boundaries of desire and pleasure only because we’re willing to risk it!


Ubergirls escorts is a licensed and professional escort agency operating in Amsterdam, representing high-class girls for adult services for men, women, and couples. Our business focuses on customer satisfaction and experience. Whatever you are looking for, your satisfaction is the highest priority.



Are you looking for the best escort service in Amsterdam? Do you want to hire an escort girl who is charming, friendly, sexy, intelligent, discreet, and fully compatible with you? Would you like to meet someone who meets your needs and desires? If so, you are in the right place.

Ubergirls Escorts Amsterdam agency is located in Amsterdam, in the province of North Holland, which is 1 of the 12 provinces the Netherlands consists of. With us, you can book an escort in the whole region of Amsterdam, as well as outside the municipality. You can use our services in the provinces of South Holland, Zealand, North Brabant, Utrecht, Flevoland, Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe, Overijssel, Gelderland and Limburg.

Our escort girls are happy to visit you in the region and offer escort service in places such as; Aalsmeer; Alkmaar; Amstelveen; Amsterdam; Bergen; Beemster; Beverwijk; Blaricum; Bloemendaal; Bussum; Castricum; Den Helder; Diemen; Drechterland; Edam-Volendam, Egmond aan Zee; Enkhuizen; Gooise Lakes; Haarlem; Haarlemmermeer; Heemskerk; Heemstede; Heerhugowaard; Heiloo; Hilversum; Hoofddorp; Horn; Houses; Ijmuiden; Koggenland; Loosdrecht; Landsmeer; Langedijk; Laren; Middenbeemster; Middenmeer; Muiden; Medemblik; New-Vennep; Oostzaan; Opmeer; Ouder-Amstel; Purmerend; Schagen; Schiphol; Stede Broec; Texel; Uitgeest; Uithoorn; Velsen; Volendam; Wormerveer; Waterland; Weesp; Wijdemeren; Widespread; Wormerland; Zaanstad; Zandvoor;

You can make an appointment in any of the above cities and regions by phone, WhatsApp, or our live chat at the bottom of the website. Depending on the location and travel time, additional travel costs or reservations for more hours may be required. For more details or reservations, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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